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provide a secure, tamper-evident seal that quickly and easily molds around your product’s packaging in virtually any shaped design. Applied manually, preforms are pre-molded to the specific shape of your container to form a “lip” and “skirt”, making placement on your product fast and efficient.

Preforms shrink in seconds through any standard heat tunnel or by utilizing a hand held heat gun. We stock and offer standard shapes – rounds, rectangles, octagons, triangles, squares, ovals, and other specialty shapes from 1” to 16” diameters. Preforms can be formed in dozens of solid colors or custom printed up to 10 colors with your company’s logo and/or specialty graphics.

Custom, Standard and Specialty tooling available for any packaging need

With the most extensive library of standard and custom tooling available, stock is either ready to ship, or can be produced in a matter of hours. Custom and unique shapes are an R.B. Dwyer specialty. Decorated preforms enhance shelf appeal while visually differentiating your product in an already crowded market. With over 300 stock sizes and more being added each week, the R.B. Dwyer Company eclipses the competition with product choices maintaining the largest selection of stock preform sizes in the industry.


Printed Preformed Shrink BandsPrinted Preformed Shrink Bands: Eye catching Printing can be added to your preform to personalize your products having them stand out from the rest [a href="printing.html"]Visit Our Printing Page[/a]

Stocked and ready-to-go,

we carry literally hundreds of standard preforms designed for, but not limited to, some of the industry’s best container manufacturers:

- Airlite
- Alcoa Reynolds
- Anchor
- Bardes
- Berry Plastics
- Clearlam
- Dart
- Douglas Stevens
- Fabri-Kal
- Gen-Pak
- Ivex/Ultrapac
- Mullinix
- Packaging Direct
- Pactiv

- Panoramic
- Par Pak
- Peninsula Packaging
- Placon
- Rock Tenn
- Sabert
- Solo
- Stone Plastics
- Temkin Plastics
- Wilkinson


RBD : Preformed Shrink Bands


- Printed Preforms Shrink Bands
- Perforated Preform Shrink Bands
- Seamed Preform Shrink Bands

Preformed Shrink BandsPreformed Shrink Bands: Perfect for your Salad or Fresh Vegetable container

Preformed Shrink BandsPreformed Shrink Bands: Stocked in a wide variety of shapes and sizes

Preformed Shrink BandsPreformed Shrink Bands: Stocked round and square preforms are popular in the Candy, Fresh Fruit and Vegetable industries

Preformed Shrink BandsPreformed Shrink Bands: Stocked to satisfy any large party Fruit Tray

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