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Monoaxially oriented heat shrinkable film used in packaging and labeling available in several grades of PVC as well at PET providing excellent printability and shrink ability and is suitable for full body labels, tamper-evident bands, and cap seals.

Seamless and seamed tubing in PVC, PET, PLA and OPS designed to perform with high efficiencies on fully automatic high-speed application equipment.

Additives for your Roll Stock

Many formulations available including high shrink, UV brightener, UV inhibitor, cold temperature and anti-static coating lay flats from 18mm – 800mm; Gauges from 1.4mil – 6mil

From high capacity production lines to specialty hand applications

For maximum efficiencies with fully automated high speed applications to specialized, simple hand applications, Roll Stock products deliver reliable, durable heat sealing wraps for your packaging and products.

Printed Preformed Shrink BandsRoll Stock Tubing: Printing your company logo, adding nutrition facts, barcode and specific messages is a new capability at R.B. Dwyer Company[a href="services.html#printingTag"]See our printing capabilities [/a]


Stocked and ready-to-go,

Available in clear, a full spectrum of colors, and printed rotogravure or FLEXO up to 10 colors.

Customized rolls

With all roll stock items, R.B. Dwyer can create unlimited configurations of printed, seamed, seamless and colored stock products.
Let us help get you what you need, when you need it. For high volume applications, we can easily prefabricate large quantities and design a custom warehousing and distribution program to ease your ordering process and lead time requirements. Call 714-630-4391 with any questions on custom Roll Stock or distribution programs. Our representatives are ready to help.


RBD : Roll Stock


- Seamed Roll Stock
- Perforated Roll Stock
- Printed Roll Stock

Preformed Shrink BandsRoll Stock Tubing: Stocked in a wide range of lay flat sizes

Preformed Shrink BandsRoll Stock Tubing: Offered in a variety of colors and thickness

Preformed Shrink BandsRoll Stock Tubing: Tubing can be used for machine application and can be cut to a specific size to create a flat band sleeve.

Preformed Shrink BandsRoll Stock Tubing: Stocked at and industry standard 500 Meters, larger lay flat tubing can be stocked at 250 Meters for handling ease.

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